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missing numbers

Title: missing numbers
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: suho/lay
Length: 2.5k
Summary: junmyeon doesn't often hook up at parties, usually regretting his actions the morning after when his brain is handling the hangover, but zhang yixing, his fellow graduate, is the first person he wishes he stayed in contact with.
Warnings: idk, a lot of kissing?

Notes: okay, okay, this is incomplete, but i needed to get this part out, and i'll edit it later on and provide the sequel dw. and yeah, don't ask about the names of the clubs, the names just came to me orz.

graduation is a blur of smiles, handshakes, too many photos, and a lot of celebratory drinks. junmyeon’s smile is wide as anything, and he’s nervous as he reaches out to shake the chancellor’s hand and receive his certificate.

don’t trip, don’t trip, don’t trip, he says to himself inwardly, doffing his trencher and walking across stage as his name is read out. a firm handshake, a flash as the cameraman takes a photo, and then he’s walking to the podium, standing in front of over a thousand people.

breathe, he tells himself, shuffling his notes and swallowing the lump in his throat.

he opens his speech, and the words flow out of him like water, measured and precise, just like he practiced. his confidence spikes, and he surges through the rest of his valedictory address, and before he knows it, he’s finished, and he’s saying yes along with his fellow graduates as the charge of the university is read out to them.

another round of applause, another flash of the camera, and then he’s outside with his friends, glasses of champagne in their hands, huge grins on their faces as they toast each other’s success. it’s photo after photo after photo with various people congratulating him on his graduation and his speech, but junmyeon couldn’t stop smiling—four years of late nights, immeasurable stress and far too much coffee have lead to this, this glossy piece of paper clutched in his hand, but it’s so so worth it.

dinner is a massive affair, given the amount of friends who actually show up, much to junmyeon’s surprise. sehun and jongin argue over who gets to sit next to junmyeon, since his older brother is already sitting on his right when they arrive. junmyeon’s parents look on in fond exasperation at the pair’s quibbling, and kyuhyun settles the argument by taking the available seat instead.

jongin pouts and sits next to taemin, letting kyungsoo pat him sardonically in sympathy, and sehun opts to slump into the seat between chanyeol and juhyun. baekhyun is tipsy before they’ve even finished entrees, much to sueji’s delight as she takes photos of him flailing his hands around dramatically, for future reference, she says. jonghyun and yiyun keep trolling himchan when he tries to make a toast by cracking lame jokes over the top of his voice, and soojung rolls her eyes as taemin and minho laugh their heads off.

they wrap up dinner at 9pm, junmyeon’s family staying at his apartment for the night, and junmyeon’s friends drag him to chanyeol and baekhyun’s dorm to change for grad party.

the university has booked three clubs along the city's glitter strip for the night, allowing their students to flit between their options as they please. the first club, narcissus, is small and relatively quiet for a nightclub, with dim red lighting and girls bartending in black corsets and stockings. sehun unashamedly checks them out as kibum orders shots for everyone, even though jongin and taemin are already on the dance floor together, and juhyun and sueji disappear into the bathroom together.

the dance floor has an elevated level lining one side, something akin to a mini balcony, complete with a metal railing to prevent people from falling onto the lower dance floor. the platform separates the dance floor from the private booths hidden behind it via a ceiling-to-floor wall of chains, and there are fifteen or so bodies moving together atop it. the opposite side of the floor has another small level filled with people, its floor tiled with lights that pulse in time with the music.

junmyeon's friends pull him onto the floor and surround him, and junmyeon lets himself go loose and move to the beat, feeling giddy and lightheaded. he isn't drunk yet, but he will be in a couple more shots. sehun separates from the group to climb the tiled stage and dance there instead, grinding on one of the stripper poles of the stage as yiyun gleefully videos the event.

good lord.

they visit the second club half and hour later, kibum keen to dabble in the next club available. fall from grace is much larger, split into multiple levels and sections. junmyeon runs into soonkyu, who takes him to the bar to meet up with sooyeon and order him 'his graduation present' in the form of another shot. the following hour is spent following jonghyun and kyuhyun around the club as they try to settle on a single place to dance, along with more gifted drinks from various people he stumbles across.

taemin and minho go missing, though jonghyun tells him jinki took them to get food at one of the late-night vendors, so junmyeon drops his worry. kyungsoo suggests they return to narcissus when junmyeon tires of the dj, so they exit the club, and junmyeon thanks the owners for adding signs to guide people to the exit, because the entry to fall from grace is a short, winding tunnel of fluorescent turquoise light that's confusing enough to send drunken junmyeon insane.

narcissus is absolutely packed when they descend inside, the dance floor a lot more heavily populated than before, now that the majority of people have finished their graduation dinners and flocked to the party. they migrate to a free corner of the floor, junmyeon enjoying the change in dj and the fresh music being played. jongin and kyungsoo depart after ten minutes to 'get some air', and chanyeol and sehun go to the bar, leaving junmyeon with baekhyun and sueji. the pair climb onto the platform lining the private booths, somehow finding enough room for themselves as well as junmyeon, who they pull up to join them.

junmyeon lets them, moving his head lazily because his thighs are feeling fatigued. baekhyun has dropped to the floor and is looking up at sueji with bedroom eyes, and junmyeon laughs, because other people must think the two are together, even though baekhyun’s actually gay, and sueji has a boyfriend.

junmyeon’s gaze catches onto a figure standing behind baekhyun and sueji, hands on the railing as he looks over the gyrating crowd on the main dance floor.

zhang yixing.

baekhyun accidentally bumps into yixing, and the blond turns to see who it is, before smiling easily and moving out of the way, away from the edge of the mini-stage further into the centre. he ends up in front of junmyeon, who offers an almost shy smile, one akin to hi, i know you, but not really at the same time.

yixing half-faces him, holding a half-full plastic cup, while junmyeon pretends to be focussing on the dancing pair next to him to distract himself. he’s known about yixing’s existence for a semester or two now, having been on a club committee with him and also sharing a number of mutual friends, but they’ve only talked together once before while running an event together, and even then, the conversation was less than five minutes long.

“are you still on the philanthropy association?” junmyeon decides to ask, having to yell to be heard over the pounding music and hoping he doesn't sound as awkward as he feels.

“yeah,” yixing says. “congratulations on graduating today!”

“you too!” junmyeon grins, feeling elation all over again.

“i liked your speech,” yixing continues. “it didn’t put me to sleep, so thank you.”

“you’re welcome?” junmyeon laughs slightly awkwardly.

"yeah," yixing says. his dimple is quite endearing.

"what now?" junmyeon says, even though this conversation is probably better suited to an outing at a cafe or restaurant instead of in a loud nightclub.

"work," yixing shrugs.

junmyeon frowns, because he's pretty sure yixing is still on the philanthropy council. that's what baekhyun—who is actually the president of the association—told him anyway. "wait, so how are you still in the club when you're not a student anymore?"

"i don't really know, to be honest. baek didn't want me to leave. i'm never there, anyway, i work 9 - 5 everyday."

"you're not doing more study?" junmyeon's frown deepens. "where do you work?"

"i have no time. i work for baekhyun's dad." yixing sips his drink, "what about you? more studying?"

"postgrad," junmyeon says, and when yixing replies what, he steps closer to speak into yixing's ear instead.

"sounds awesome," yixing grins. "what in?"

junmyeon's masters is lost because the crowd suddenly erupts in cheers at the sound of a new popular song starting. junmyeon repeats himself, to no avail. this conversation is definitely not the right one to have right now.

"i'm going to be completely honest, i can't hear a thing you're saying, i'm sorry," yixing admits.

“are you sober?” junmyeon asks, amused.

“i’m 100% single,” yixing answers, complete with a wave of his hands like he’s crossing out something. “no worries there.”

right. he’s drunk.

junmyeon can't help but laugh at him, "come on, dance! you're just standing there."

yixing echoes his chuckles, placing his cup aside somewhere, before moving forward to settle his hands on junmyeon's sides, "you are as well."

junmyeon holds yixing's shoulders and sways slightly, "i saw you the other day at uni? what about work?"

"picking up grad robes," yixing explains.

"ahh…that makes sense." junmyeon leans in to talk in yixing’s ear again, and yixing’s lips graze his cheek like he is expecting a kiss. oh. junmyeon isn’t usually the type to hook up at a party, but something makes him want to kiss yixing, even though he still wants to talk to him for a bit longer.

“i don’t know you,” junmyeon shouts.

“i’m yixing?” the blond replies, slightly confused, and junmyeon shakes his head.

“no, like, i know you studied environmental science, but i don’t know you,” junmyeon says. “i was on the same student club with you for a whole semester, and i don’t even know you at all.”

he pulls back to pout at yixing, because yixing is nice guy, and junmyeon feels bad for being so close with everyone on the committee except for him. he vaguely registers baekhyun and sueji bouncing around together next to him, and yixing is smiling softly.

junmyeon smiles back, silently daring yixing to kiss him and hoping he gets the message. yixing starts forward, hesitates, and then gently presses his lips to the corner of junmyeon’s mouth. we’ll go with that, junmyeon decides, turning to properly kiss yixing's lips.

yixing tastes sweet. very very sweet, which is weird, because junmyeon is used to tasting flavourless spit, but he presses forward with more enthusiasm at the surprise, eager to lick the remaining taste from yixing’s lips.

“what have you been drinking?” junmyeon breaks the kiss to ask, and yixing offers him another dimpled smile.

“red bull vodkas.”

mixing an upper with a downer is bad for you, junmyeon thinks for a split second, but he says, “you taste so good,” instead, and kisses yixing again.

the night zeroes in on the slick slide of yixing's lips against his, the taste of sugar fading and being replaced with yixing's wandering hands pulling him close, holding him firmly, his knee parting junmyeon's legs to slot in between his thighs and gently rut against him. yixing's kisses are warm and so so wet, and junmyeon isn't usually a fan of this much tongue action, but yixing is seemingly determined to map out the inside of junmyeon's mouth.

junmyeon turns them so that he has yixing back up against the chains. yixing winds one hand into junmyeon's hair and rests the other on the swell of his ass, and junmyeon grips two of the chains hanging down on either side of yixing's face. he almost feels powerful, crowding yixing up against the wall of metal links and returning as much as the blond gives him. yixing is kissing him sloppily, not opening his mouth enough, so junmyeon leads him by pouting his lips and accentuating the way he grasps yixing's lower lip between his own to pull on.

yixing catches on, letting junmyeon kiss him more smoothly better, tongue running up on the inside of junmyeon's upper lip lightly and making his mouth tingle. junmyeon releases one of the chains in favour of gliding his hand over yixing's front, pressing even closer and moving his hips slightly to the beat. yixing answers with a roll of his hips that ends smoothly with junmyeon panting into his mouth, unwilling to part for longer than necessary.

"i have to come home with you tonight,” yixing sighs, and junmyeon sucks on his top lip.

his family is back at his apartment, and junmyeon groans to himself. he settles for shrugging and smiling benignly, pushing yixing against the chains again instead of replying.

yixing indulges him, undoing junmyeon's top button and curling his hand around junmyeon's neck. junmyeon wonders how he got here, in the middle of the dance floor making out with a guy he hardly knows, surrounded by drunken friends and partygoers, contemplating going home with said acquaintance. baekhyun and sueji are probably laughing at him in shock, not used to him randomly hooking up with strangers at parties. either that, or they're not even paying attention. junmyeon can't find it in himself to care at the moment, preoccupied with tracking his left hand as it slips between yixing's shirt and blazer to coil around the small of the blond's back.

"i really, really have to come home with you tonight," yixing says again.

junmyeon bites his lip, "my family's staying at mine tonight."

yixing tilts his head, "okay. we can go back to mine?"


yixing softly kisses his way from junmyeon's chin to his ear, "yeah." he tightens his grip on junmyeon's waist, "there's six inches in my pants right now that want to be buried in your body. right now." yixing sucks lightly on junmyeon's neck, "i'm going to take you home, get you out of these clothes, and find out what you're hiding under these buttons." he punctuates his words by untucking part of junmyeon's shirt and sliding his hand up along junmyeon's ribs, "and you're going to take me home, get me out of this suit, and learn how dancers can move their hips."

“ha, and then what?” junmyeon smiles, entertained, then laughs loudly when he realises how much of a fuckboy he accidentally sounds like.

“well, we’ll just have to find out, won’t we?” yixing plays along, and junmyeon pulls him in with a hand in his collar.

the music changes to an even heavier beat that filters through junmyeon's hazy consciousness and draws his awareness away from yixing's mouth and toward his lower body instead. yixing jerks his hips perfectly in time, the movements sharp and concise, driving his thigh into junmyeon's crotch with the perfect amount of pressure, and it drives junmyeon wild.

god, he can really move his hips. junmyeon is so turned on right now, it’s ridiculous.

he opens his mouth to tell yixing to follow him outside and catch an uber home, but then suddenly there's a hand shaking his arm and sueji is in his peripheral vision saying it's time to go home, because they said they'd only stay for another half hour, and it's been over an hour already. junmyeon deflates, and yixing smiles at him ruefully.

"i'm sorry," junmyeon says, upset.

"another time," yixing says genially, leaning forward to kiss him.

junmyeon sighs, enjoying the wet press of yixing's mouth on his once more. "next time," he affirms with another kiss.

yixing nods, and junmyeon curls in close again, but then baekhyun's tugging him away more forcefully, let's go, junma. on a sudden impulse, junmyeon latches onto yixing's neck and sucks hard, wanting to mark him even though it hurts his mouth to pull so hard in order to bruise yixing so quickly. he bites firmly to help speed up the process, swiping his tongue over yixing's skin to seal the deal, and then he's pulled away, yixing blinking after him hazily.

the street outside is wide open and cold, with people traipsing around the street looking lost or dropping into convenience stores for gum or calling taxis. kyungsoo, being the most sober person, orders the uber and piles everyone who is still with them inside, playing GPS for the driver and passing around a bottle of water to those who need it.

"so," juhyun starts. "who was that guy?"

junmyeon presses his lips together, "yixing. zhang yixing."

"hmm," juhyun smiles enigmatically.

baekhyun smirks, "you two were going at it for a while."

sueji grins, "yeah, like a full forty minutes."

the rest of the group's catcalls drown out junmyeon's mortified groan. chanyeol tells junmyeon to vent his regret to him in the morning when he's sober and reflecting on tonight's activities, and sehun tries to hi-five him. junmyeon feels like he should regret hooking up with yixing, as he always does, but he finds the only thing he currently regrets is the fact that he'll probably never see the blond again, given his graduation and busy work hours.

the thought disturbs him more than it should, and he doesn't know why.
Tags: length: oneshot, pairing: suho/lay, rating: pg-13

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