missing numbers

Title: missing numbers
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: suho/lay
Length: 2.5k
Summary: junmyeon doesn't often hook up at parties, usually regretting his actions the morning after when his brain is handling the hangover, but zhang yixing, his fellow graduate, is the first person he wishes he stayed in contact with.
Warnings: idk, a lot of kissing?

Notes: okay, okay, this is incomplete, but i needed to get this part out, and i'll edit it later on and provide the sequel dw. and yeah, don't ask about the names of the clubs, the names just came to me orz.

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trading light and fury

Title: trading light and fury
Rating: G
Pairing: suchenlay
Length: 931 words
Summary: jongdae rings junmyeon up in the middle of the night to get doughnuts, and yixing tags along to keep them warm

Notes: title from typewriter series #395 by tyler knott gregson. written for the 91daes fic fest at 2am in the morning when i was craving krispy kremes and ot3 interactions.

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